Eco 4 Vet

The ECO4VET project online kick-off meeting was arranged on 16th December 2021.

Project partners discussed the following topics at online meeting:

  • Brief presentations of partners’ profiles, staff involved in the project, role in the project, network of stakeholders they bring into the project
  • Project overview (objectives, roles, expected outcomes, work plan)
  • Presentation of Result 1 (Eco-sustainability toolkit for VET providers)
    • Creating the working methodology and outlook of the toolkit – lead by P3-GR
    • Designing the survey form – lead by P6-TR
  • Presentation of project management and implementation tasks
  • Discussion the roles about PMI documents/reports
    • Bilateral agreements
    • Action plan
    • Administrative and financial reporting tools
    • Communication strategy
    • Establish advisory board
    • Quality plan
    • Dissemination plan

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