R1: Eco-sustainability toolkit for VET providers

Eco-sustainability toolkit for VET providers includes information about:

  • Emission sources and activity data
  • Emission factors
  • Stationary emissions analysis
  • Paper consumption analysis
  • Water analysis
  • Waste analysis
  • Energy use trends
  • Energy demands and uses ratio
  • Most energy-intensive industries

R2: How-to book with guidelines for VET teachers

The “How-to” book allows target users interpret and apply the knowledge in eco-sustainability toolkit to be able to:

  • Calculate the effects of activities of industrial organizations on the environment
  • Diagnose organizational and activity-based problems
  • Identify the causes of the issues and their impacts
  • Implement the correct solutions
  • Interpret the depletion of the natural resources and climate change
  • Understand the serious impacts of daily activities

R3: Digital application for VET teachers

The app offers

  • Tips on developing environmental solutions
  • Checklists
  • Practical whiteboard animation videos