Vilnius Builders Training Centre (VSRC)/Lithuania

Type of the organisation: School – Vocational Training (secondary level)
Contact person: Danielius Burokas

Vilnius Builders Training Centre (VSRC) is a vocational institution providing vocational education and training for young people (from 15 years of age) and adults (retraining courses). The Centre was founded in 1946 and is one of the main providers of quality vocational education and training in Lithuania. The Centre offers a diverse range of courses and excellent facilities in the main area of Building and Construction. Areas of study include Brickwork, Joinery and Carpentry, Decoration/Finishing, Furniture making, Landscaping, Restoration/ Refurbishment, Building electrician, Plumbing, Real estate services. The Centre is a leading institution at national level in the continuing training system of the building sector. Its main experience is the methodological expertise in life-long learning, development of qualifications and training schemes. The Centre is certified with ISO EN 9001 since 2013. The total number of students studying at the Centre is 1100, and the number of teaching staff is 90.


P2 – CEPROF VET School Centres/Portugal

Type of the organisation: School – Vocational Training (secondary level)
Contact person: Pedro Casal

CEPROF is an SME constituted in 1991 specifically for the creation of the Vocational School of Espinho (ESPE – Escola Profissional de Espinho) – also created in 1991 and is one of the oldest VET schools in Portugal (until 2004 all VET schools in Portugal were private).

CEPROF holds the European Quality Assurance in VET (EQAVET) certification nr 179/2020. It was an official partner of the European Vocational Skills Week 2020 of the European Commission.

P3 – DIAS VET/Greece

Type of the organisation: EDU – VET (School/Institute/Educational centre – Adult education secondary level)
Contact person: Rita Chatzinikoli Ilias Kroupis

DIAS VET is an educational and counselling organization accredited by the Greek National Organization for the Certification of Qualifications and Vocational Guidance–EOPPEP. DIAS VET was established in 2009 in Karditsa and today it also has 2 additional operational offices in other cities. Our organisation has been granted ISO 9001:2015 certification. DIAS VET is aligned with the E.U. strategic framework in fighting the rising levels of unemployment – particularly among young people- and confronting the same risk which also affects high number of adult workers (phenomena of social exclusion and the increase of poverty are more and more evident, threatening the social cohesion and standard of living), through the improvement of provided education/training in terms of quality and efficiency. DIAS’ mission is to provide certified education & training opportunities, counselling & personal development in order to contribute to quality of life improvements.

P4 – Enjoy Italy/Italy

Type of the organisation: Small and medium sized enterprise
Contact person: Alessandro Gariano

Enjoy Italy – Tools and Services for Education, Training and Local Development is a young company founded on few but solid values: ecology, social responsibility, inclusion, sharing, lifelong learning, civic awareness, and commitment to quality. And a vivid passion for both its land and Europe. It works in education and training to design and provision of tools and opportunities for a professional, social, and cultural growth of teachers and educators, as well as youngsters and adults.

P5 – Vienna Association of Education Volunteers/Austria

Type of the organisation: Non-governmental organisation/association
Contact person: Marco A. Roux

VAEV aims to provide supporting services to all education staff and organizations. We give all educators access to support services in their workplace and outside. It recognizes everyone as a person as well as a professional. VAEV was established to meet the need for a professional volunteer training organization. It focuses on student achievement and provides genuine professional benefits to empower educators through assisting them in acquiring knowledge and developing their skills and competences for professional and personal success. Its vision is to support schools, youth centres, parental organizations, and relevant educational institutions by assisting building up and spread necessary curriculums that fit to needs of students from low socio-economic background.

P6 – APEC Education Consultancy/Turkey

Type of the organisation: Small and medium sized enterprise
Contact person: Yıldırım Özkaya

APEC is an educational enterprise that mainly focuses on 21st Century Skills Education, designing education programmes, developing occupational standards through various analysis, giving trainings, and managing European Projects. Since 2000, APEC team has been providing trainings and educations for teaching groups and adults in variety of topics at national and international level. APEC designs education programmes and courses according to the needs of companies and targeted groups, generally focusing on required skills in workplaces and adult education. In contrast to classical understanding of education, APEC’s approach is to develop interactive education courses that include participants in the learning process.